Ok, there are heaps of them on the net. Here comes my YACSDA. Maybe the only thing about it to mention is that it comes in German language.

  • Analytical language: R (3.3)
  • Purpose: Demonstrate basic exploratory and modeling techniques
  • Packages used: dplyr, ggplot2
  • Data set: Affair; source R package COUNT
  • Analytical topics covered: descriptive statistics, visualization, liner model, logistic linear model
  • Reproducibility: Rmarkdown, knitr, github

Code on Github

Some impression of the tutorial:

Wie gut schätzt eine Stichprobe die Grundgesamtheit?

# DatenSie arbeiten bei der Flughafenaufsicht von NYC. Cooler Job.```rlibrary(nycflights13)data(flights)```## Pakete laden```rlibrary(mos...… Continue reading

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